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While filming the video, so many people came up to me and started telling me how they’ve been bullied or witnessed bullying and were inspired after hearing the song and participating in the video to now do the right thing. I would love to know your story and how my song and video impacted you. Please share your story.

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When i wuz 5 i am 6 now i was being buliied by dis girl named asley. she wuzb so mean to me and i cried evertim. sumtime i think about it and i say "no because jolie want better 4 me". So i dont cry. but sometime i do. Sometime it hard. Sometime jolie pick me up from my darkest place. i wish she was my mom because then she can also pick me up from school and i then i would show her to my friends and she can sing to us and then she can love me and i love her so much when is your next show. i want to confront my bully soon because it is not okay to bully and jolie truly showed me thtat with my song for taylor swift. i also like crazy for you i wan tto know who the boy is because he must be lucky and yeah thanks for the motivation jolie.

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i used to get bullied by this kid named joshua but luckily jolie montlick and matty b raps used their angel wings to fly me away to a better place. pce luv

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I had two brothers growing up and defended both of them, anytime there was trouble big sister came running. Today I'm a mom of 4 gorgeous sons and a beautiful daughter who now sticks up for people that are being picked on or bullied, My family feels everyone should be treated kindly and to help bring out the best of everyone. I am a people person, I love helping people and so does my husband. It breaks my heart to see anyone a child, an adult and even animals to be mistreated. i have seen so many bad things happen to people, and now that I'm grown, I feel limited of what i can do, especially at work. My heart and thanks goes out to you for courage and determination to stop the bullies and to show people to stand up for themselves. Your parents must be proud of you, what a wonderful person you are to everyone. God Bless you!!

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The Veayo Twins

Keep up the good work Jolie<3<3 We write songs that target the pain and alienation that teens can face in today's bullying culture, and are playing shows for the likes of Bikers Against Bullying and participating in the documentary Bullied to Silence. Our stories and others like us can be viewed here Please check out our website too, maybe we will do a show together sometime? K&K <3

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Last year when I was in fifth grade a kid in a class made a mean video about me and another guy in my class.. They called me mean names and we really mean. I talked to my teacher about it and we got it all worked out!! Stay strong and don't let all those mean people out there get to u!

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You are such an inspiration to everyone. Your video really touched my heart. I hope everyone takes heart in your message, and takes a stand for what they know is the right thing to do. Don’t be a bystander any longer. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others!

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Love ALL of your songs! All I can say is WOW. You could be the next Taylor Swift! Amazing that you are 11 and were only 10 years old when you wrote My Song for Taylor Swift!

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Your songs are amazing! Your rock girl! can't wait for more.

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Kelly M., Baltimore, MD

I was bullied for two years. I really like your song and the video. I think it is a great thing that you are doing. I am going to check out the A4KClub as you suggested.

Anne T., Seattle, WA

My daughter has been badly bullied for over two years. She has been walking around singing and humming your song since yesterday. Today she told me that she is not going to be a victim anymore. I really think that your song may be a turning point for her. Thank you.

Amber W., Mt. Crested Butte, CO

It hurts so much to be bullied. Your song and music video made me realize that I’m not alone. TY :-)

Leighton C., Snellville, GA

You go girl. You are awesome!!! The next time I see bullying I am going to speak up.

Nicole J., Snellville, GA

So inspiring, so empowering…thank you for taking a stand against bullying.

Tyler B., Fayetteville, AK

Your song is awesome! I have been singing it since I first heard it!

Katie P., Dallas, TX

I heard about ur song and I am really proud of u for doing that. I used to go to school with u! It is so cool u did that!! I had girl problems. People bullied me really badly. One day I would come home crying, and other days red marks on my back from people hitting me. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth A., Montgomery, AL

Makes you smile, really empowers…every kid should see it.

Ashley K., Atlanta, GA

I first heard your song several months ago when my dad brought it home from work. Your dad works with him and sent him a copy. I only heard it twice but found myself singing it right away. The next day I decided I am not going to be a victim anymore, and I started speaking up. Life got better. Thank you!

Jen W., Pine Bluff, AK

Love the song and the video.

Brian R., Florence, SC

It is really nice that you did this song.

Karen G., Wilmington, NC

My daughter and son appeared in your music video. Bullying is a problem that affects us all. I stayed during the filming, and I met your father. It was so nice of him to sponsor this video- it is going to help so many kids. You are so talented, and a beautiful person. You are doing such a good thing, you are an inspiration to others. Keep up the great work!!

Kelly S., Charlotte, SC

Hearing your song made me feel better. Bullying can happen to anyone, even Taylor Swift. It helps to know that.

Madison L., Wilmington, NC

I was in your music video. You rock girl! You are a great singer.

McKenzie B., Wilmington, NC

I had so much fun being in your music video. Thank you for doing this! It is going to help a lot of kids.

Carrie C., Charlotte, SC

All I can say is WOW. If you love Taylor Swift, you will love Jolie Montlick! Amazing that she is only 10 years old!!!

Sienna G., Springfield, MO

I am a big fan!! I absolutely love "Just One Day." I listened to it 3 times and tapped my foot the whole time. I think you should send it to Disney! It would be perfect!

Hunter N., Lexington, KY

I want to be in your next music video!! very cool. You are an awesome singer.