Use Your Voice!

Become an Ambassador 4 Kids and Help STOP Bullying!

Did You Know?

Sadly, over 50% of kids will be the victim of bullying at some point in their life…and what’s even crazier is that something like 85% of the time kids just stand by and do nothing.

In the face of bullying, there’s no such thing as an innocent bystander. We all have the power to play a key role in preventing or stopping bullying. Join me in raising our voices to help stop bullying. While one voice is good, two voices are even better!

Here’s how you can get involved:

Start a local A4K Chapter in your school

Donate now to help support A4K

About A4K Club

A4K, The Ambassadors for Kids Club ( is an anti-bullying program of Children Without a Voice USA (CWAV), a well-respected, non-profit organization that advocates the rights of abused children across the country and is committed to preventing all forms of child abuse, including bullying. A4K works hard to create an environment of respect, kindness, and human decency in our schools and communities. The club is about helping kids find their voice and taking a stand for what is right. It is free to all kids that join and take the pledge!

Don’t forget to check out . You’ll find tons of resources and helpful information for kids and parents, including phone numbers where you can report bullying and child abuse anonymously.

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