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Behind The Music Video
"My Song For Taylor Swift"

When it comes to bullying, can one song and video make a difference? I believe it can! Learn more about the inspiration behind my new music video, and the amazing people that helped bring my song to life.

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I worked hard this summer to write 3 new songs for my fans! Check them out and please consider purchasing my music. A percentage of sales from all songs will go to support the national anti-bullying organization, A4K, Ambassadors 4 Kids Club.

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Over 50% of kids will be the victim of bullying at some point in their life; and sadly something like 85% of kids just stand by and do nothing when they witness bullying. Join me in raising our voices to help stop bullying. While one voice is good, two voices are even better!

About Jolie

I started playing the guitar when I was 9 years old. I always thought that the guitar was a cool instrument to play.

I recently began writing my own songs. I grew up singing and always loved it; writing songs was something I wanted to do. Taylor Swift has really been my inspiration. I admire how she uses her real life experiences in her songs.

When I was 10, I wrote my first song after attending Taylor’s concert in Columbia, South Carolina. It was an amazing experience and a moment that I wanted to share with everyone. Taylor has done so much for all of us, and I wanted to do something for her too. I also wanted to write a song about something that was important to me and Taylor---Stop the Bullying. After I recorded the song and shared it, I learned that it was inspiring kids. I wanted to make a music video that could bring the song to life, and really show kids how they can help stop bullying.

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"This is the best anti bullying music video ever! Great that it was released for October National anti bullying month"
"Jolie's music video should be shown as part of any good anti bullying program. The video has the bullying tips that you need to stop bullying."
"Taylor Swift- You need to see this video! It is a beautiful honor to you, and shows kids doing the right thing and being friends to other kids when faced with bullying."
"Love your music Jolie! Your bullying music video is the best! Jolie Rocks!"
"After seeing your My Song for Taylor Swift music video I decided that I am not not going to be a victim anymore- I am going to speak up."
"Thank you for doing this great anti bullying music video. I watched it with my friends, and we are not going to be silent bystanders anymore."