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deez n

When i wuz 5 i am 6 now i was being buliied by dis girl named asley. she wuzb so mean to me and i cried evertim. sumtime i think about it and i say "no because jolie want better 4 me". So i dont cry. but sometime i do. Sometime it hard. Sometime jolie pick me up from my darkest place. i wish she was my mom because then she can also pick me up from school and i then i would show her to my friends and she can sing to us and then she can love me and i love her so much when is your next show. i want to confront my bully soon because it is not okay to bully and jolie truly showed me thtat with my song for taylor swift. i also like crazy for you i wan tto know who the boy is because he must be lucky and yeah thanks for the motivation jolie.


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